michelle wie disqualified over unsigned scorecard

Over the weekend, in the midst of playing the best golf she's played all year, Michelle Wie was disqualified from the State Farm Classic after breaking one of the game's most simple, basic rules. she failed to sign her scorecard before leaving the scoring area: Wie disqualified over scorecard mishap.

After she'd finished her round on Friday, she left the tent just above the ninth green where players sign their scorecards. She was chased down by volunteers working in the tent, who pointed out that she hadn't signed. Wie returned to the tent and signed the card, but by then it was apparently too late. She had already walked outside the roped-off area around the tent.

Tour officials didn't learn about the mistake from volunteers until well after Wie had teed off Saturday morning, so they let her finish the round. Then they pulled her aside and informed her she was out.

It was a dumb move, for sure. And a stupid reason to be disqualified. But what's worse, it happened when it seemed like she was finally hitting stride and living up to her potential, after finishing Friday and Saturday in second place. She was the player to beat this week. That's gotta suck.

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