the return of quick kick

Way big props to longtime reader Ritchie, who knew I'd get a kick out of this news... Last weekend, G.I. Joe fans gathered in Texas for JoeCon2008, the Hasbro International G.I. Joe Collectors' Convention. Yes, this was no doubt an ultra-geeky event, but that would never stop a true Joe fan.

Among several big announcements made at the convention, Hasbro unveiled several new figures of old fan favorite characters... including Quick Kick, apparently as part of the "Pyramid of Darkness" Enterainment Battle Pack. The figure has received a bit of an update, but has unfortunately retained all of the character's stereotypical features—barefoot, no shirt, headband, throwing stars, etc. View some photos of the new action figure here and here.

As many readers know, years ago, I adopted Quick Kick as an unofficial mascot of sorts for this website. My original intention was to periodically switch out images for the opening splash page... but for some reason I really liked the Quick Kick action figure, and it just stuck. Now I really want one of these new ones. The figure is scheduled for release in October.

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