student pleads guilty to university threats

You freaking idiot. In the latest news involving disturbed, potentially violent Asian guys... Last week, 19-year-old Hwi Lee, a University of British Columbia student, pleaded guilty to two counts of threats and two counts mischief that twice led to the partial shutdown of the university back in January and February: Student pleads guilty to threats against UBC. He now awaits a pre-sentencing report and a psychiatric evaluation, and will appear in court for sentencing in September.

On January 29, authorities were notified of an undisclosed threat directed at the UBC biological sciences building on campus, which put the premises on lockdown for several hours On February 6, a less specific threat was made to the university by telephone, which closed down the biosciences building again for the day. No one was harmed in either incident. More here: Student, 19, pleads guilty to making threats in UBC lockdowns.

Lee has been described as a bright kid, and a "talented and hard-working student." The news stories don't really give much indication as to what drove him to make these threats. I guess we should be thankful that he didn't actually go through with anything, and hope that he gets the help he needs...

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