what's next for john woo

Well, John Woo's highly-anticipated Red Cliff, the most expensive Chinese-language film ever made, finally arrived in theaters in Asia, receiving generally positive reviews. After completing an undertaking like that, what do you do next?

Variety reports that Woo will direct the movie adaptation of the comic book Caliber, to be unveiled this week at San Diego Comic-Con. The story apparently sets the legend of King Arthur and his knights as 19th century gunslingers in the Pacific Northwest: John Woo fires off 'Caliber'. I imagine it will involve lots of guns.

However, Caliber won't be Woo's next film. He's stil busy editing part two of Red Cliff (the long-ass epic was split into two parts) for a January release in Asia, as well as a shorter, one-part international version to be released shortly thereafter.

For years, we've heard about a ton of projects that Woo has been attached to direct or produce—everything from Spy Hunter to He-Man—and none of them have really gone anywhere yet. His previously announced projects include 1949, a period romance set during the Chinese Revolution, and a remake of the 1969 French crime drama The Sicilian Clan.

But the project I'm most interested in seeing from John Woo is The Divide, the story of a Chinese laborer working on America's transcontinental railroads in the 19th century. I think John Woo needs to slim down his workload and get cracking on this project, either as director or producer... This is a story that has been neglected far too long, and needs to be told!

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