Whole lotta sketch comedy goin' on

Lots of sketch comedy happening in L.A. this week... 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors ("the world's most psychotic Asian American comedy troupe") presents the world premiere of "Just Like White People," an all new sketch comedy show that is "SAVAGELY FUNNY yet STRANGELY CIVILIZED." I have no idea what that means, but I like it. Come see:

* Dian Fossey and Jane Goodall's lesser known colleague, uh.. What-cha-ma-callit, who studied the crappy Asian ape, the orangutang, while Dian and Jane studied the more glamorous African apes.
* The "Ancient Chinese secret" ingredient to all that great Chinese food!
* Who saved the most Jews? Oskar Schindler, Chiune Sugihara or Feng Shan Ho? And who won the most Oscars?
*If Japanese are the "Germans of the East," and Koreans are the "Irish of the East," then WHAT THE HECK ARE CHINESE AND FILIPINOS?
*And MORE!
(Note: Suggested for mature audiences!

Written and performed by Junko Goda, Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle, Kennedy Kabasares, Jully Lee, Greg Watanabe and Peter J. Wong. The show runs for a four week limited run, Thursday through Sunday, August 1-24 at The Complex (Ruby Theater) in Santa Monica. For more information, visit the 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors website at 18mmw.com.

Meanwhile, Charles from the Asian American sketch comedy troupe OPM (Opening People's Minds) informs me that they'll be performing this weekend at the second annual benefit festival, Tia Chucha's Celebration of Community & Culture, along with a really awesome lineup headlined by Cheech Marin. Sunday, July 3 at the Ford Amphitheatre in Hollywood. Not only will they be the only sketch comedy group there, they're the only APA group with a multicultural cast and material—all in a predominantly Latino event. Pretty cool. To learn more about the event and OPM, visit the troupe's website here.

And finally, Project Newspeak's The Sketch Comedy Show presents its second annual show this Sunday, August 3 at the historic David Henry Hwant Theater in Little Tokyo. The comedy stage show is a combination of live acts and filmed shorts from a lively group of players. Special guests include comedian and Hollywood Laugh Factory regular, Danny Cho, and singer/songwriter Big Phony, along with guest performers Roger Fan, Dante Basco, Kaila Yu and Karin Anna Cheung. Sounds like a fun time. For more information, go here.

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