america's best dance crew season 2: week eight

Alas, it was time to say goodbye to one of my three favorite crews. At the point in the competition, with three great crews left, I knew it was going to be sad to see one of them go home last night. At the same time, I would've been happy with any of three remaining crews—Super Cr3w, SoReal Cru, or Fanny Pak—going all the way. That said, it really really sucked to see Fanny Pak go, especially after seeing them give their performance of the entire season.

On last night's episode, each crew did two routines themed around "the '80s." By the way, they really played it loose with their definition of 1980s. Some of the songs they threw in there definitely ventured into early 1990s territory, particularly in that first set of performances. But anyway, here are may favorite performances of the night from the three crews:

Fanny Pak, "Maniac." After watching this crew climb their way all from the bottom this season, I really didn't want to see them go. They're easily the most innovative and creative group on the show, and they were made for the performance they gave last night. Cara Horibe, front and center, was freakin' fantastic. Farewell, Fanny Pak.

Super Cr3w, "Footloose." Has there ever really been any doubt that these guys were going to the finals? Sure, the votes landed them battling in the bottom two a couple of times, but that just made it easy to decide who was going home that week—the other team. Things are looking good for Super Cr3w.

SoReal Cru, "Breakin.'" I thought this performance was brilliant, but completely overshadowed this week by the other two groups. It didn't help that one of the judges specifically called them out as the group that didn't deserve to be there this week. That's gotta be a blow in the votes. But I'm rooting for you, SoReal!

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