cary-hiroyuki tagawa pleads guilty to harrassment

Asians Behaving Badly... scary actor guy edition! This week, actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa pleaded guilty in Family Court in Hawaii on a misdemeanor charge of harassing his girlfriend back in November. Tagawa was arrested on suspicion of abusing his girlfriend after cops were called to his house.

Never heard of Cary Tagawa? One look, and you'll probably recognize him. The guy made a name for himself in, oh, just about ever movie and TV show in the 1990s requiring a scary-looking Asian villian—everything from Rising Sun to Nash Bridges to Baywatch. Maybe you saw him recently in Balls of Fury as "Mysterious Asian Man." The guy has a made a career playing some pretty bad dudes... and now, it seems he is a girlfriend harasser.

According to the Honolulu Advertiser he's agreed to donate $1000 to the Ala Kuola, a nonprofit agency that helps victims of domestic abuse file temporary restraining orders with Family Court on O'ahu. He will also have to write a letter of apology to his girlfriend: Actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa pleads guilty to harassment. Not cool, Shang Tsung.

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