jindal says no to being mccain's vice president

Bobby Jindal will not be your next Vice President. On Sunday, the young Indian American governor of Louisiana ruled himself out of the race to become John McCain's vice-presidential pick: Indian-American governor says no to being VP pick.

On NBC's Meet the Press, when asked if he would like to be McCain's running mate, Jindal responded, "No, I've got the job I want. I'm voting for Senator McCain. I'll do what I can to help him. I'll do it as good governor." And there you have it.

He's publicly said no several times before, but that hasn't stopped speculation from swirling. This time though, I imagine it's pretty definitive. For better or for worse, we will not see an Indian American vice president this year. But he's got a bright future in the Republican party, and you can be sure you'll see Bobby Jindal rising in the ranks soon enough.

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