joseph kahn is directing neuromancer

Whoa. Okay, not only did I not know that somebody was actively working on a movie adaptation of William Gibson's sci-fi novel Neuromancer, I had no idea that Joseph Kahn is directing it.

The book is considered a classic work of cyberpunk fiction, and has seen several unsuccessful attempts to bring it to the big screen over the last 20 years. But it looks like the movie is indeed currently in the works, with major backing and Kahn set to direct. Variety broke the story over a year ago: Hoffman to produce 'Neuromancer'. The teaser poster above surfaced on the web a couple of weeks ago. Cool!

But will it be any good? I don't know. The project apparently has a lot of the book's purist fans up in arms. Kahn has a made a name for himself as a high-profile director of music videos, as well as the feature film Torque... credits that, not surprisingly, aren't very comforting to fans of Neuromancer—a book many consider unfilmable. It's also rumored that Hayden Christensen is being considered for the lead. Yeah.

Still, I'm just pleased to hear such an awesome movie property is being taken on by an Asian American director. I guess we'll have to see what happens, if this ever gets off the ground.

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