kathie lee's mock chinese accent

Looks like Kathie Lee Gifford has learned a few things from the Spanish basketball team. Okay, so not quite pulling the eyes back, but it's close. Recently on the Today show, Gifford was talking about a call she got from Al Roker on her birthday, where he teased her about being married to an old guy... using a mock Chinese accent. (I guess he called from Beijing.)

All right, Roker sucks. With or without a stupid fake Chinese accent. But it sure as hell wasn't necessary for Kathie Lee to do a re-imitation live on national television. And was that a nice little squint for good measure? So funny. Gawker's got the video here.

Oh, Kathie Lee, you tell the funniest stories. Unfortunately, your culturally insensitive humor offends me. But hey, what else is new? Just another kooky white lady making Chinese jokes on TV! Always good for a laugh. And America just laaaaughs along. That's racist!

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