kumar keeps on stumping for obama

Yesterday, Kal Penn continued his efforts in support of Barack Obama for President, attending a South Asians for Obama house party in Northern Virginia: Kal Penn Stumps for Obama, Supporters Look to Make Blue from Red.

The man we know and love as Kumar wished everyone a Happy Macaca Day, recognizing the two-year anniversary the infamous incident that rocked Virginia GOP Senator George Allen's re-election campaign. Caught on tape, the "macaca" speech ultimately led to Allen losing his re-election bid to Democrat Jim Webb.

Though Virginia hasn't voted for a Democratic presidential candidate in the general election since Lyndon Johnson in 1964, the state has gained Democratic traction in recent years in its governors, senators and congressman. And the power of macaca. Can Kumar get South Asian voters to go blue? More here: 'South Asian Americans could make Obama President'.

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