look to the youth

Amidst all the gripes over the lack of racial diversity on television, what's interesting, though perhaps not surprising, is that youth-oriented programming is leading the way towards something a little more reflective of what America actually looks like.

As problematic as the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon can be at times, you have to admit, when they say they're commited to diversity, in many ways they have put their money where their mouth is, building shows and projects around young actors of color: Generation Mix: Youth TV Takes the Lead in Diversity Casting.

As opposed to primetime, where the situation is very... white. Of the 26 men nominated this year for Emmys for lead or supporting actor in a drama, comedy or mini-series, all are white. It's a only slightly better among women. But what else is new? (Props to Sandra Oh, racking up another supporting nom for Grey's Anatomy).

Anyway, kids shows seem to be where it's at right now. But you're not going to catch me tuning into The Suite Life of Zack and Cody or anything. (Okay, I've watched it a couple of times.) I'm just saying, the trend's worth noting.

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