man sentenced to 150 days in jail for hate crime death

How can this be? You might remember the hate crime killing of Satender Singh, who died after an assault at Lake Natoma last year. Last week, a 22-year-old Sacramento man was sentence to 150 days in jail for his role in the fight that led to Singh's death: Sacramento man given jail in immigrant's death.

150 days for killing a man! Aleksandr Shevchenko, who had been charged with a hate crime before a jury deadlocked on that charge in June, was convicted of disturbing the peace and simple assault: Mistrial declared as jury can't agree on hate-crime charge in fatal fight. The Sacramento District Attorney's Office said they would not retry Shevchenko on the hate crime charge.
Authorities previously said Shevchenko was involved in the feud because he believed Singh was gay.

Singh was among a group of people drinking and dancing to Indian music by the lake in July 2007. Singh was the only one without a date and was seen hugging and dancing with other men, according to witnesses.

Shevchenko was also with a group of people, who allegedly aimed racial and homophobic slurs at Singh's group.

Witnesses testified that a group with Singh also provoked Shevchenko and his friends with racial slurs and lewd dancing, Shevchenko's attorney, Michael Long, said.
In addition to the prison time, Shevchenko was sentenced to three years probation and fined $100. According to investigators, Andrey Vusik, the man suspected of throwing the fatal punch that killed Singh, fled the country and is still being sought by the FBI. More on the case: Jail term given Sacramento man in fatal fight at lake.

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