man sentenced to prison for sending threatening letters

Asians Behaving Badly... threatening letter-writing edition! This week in Cleveland, crazy weirdo David Tuason, who wrote hundreds of threatening letters over 20 years to black and mixed-race men, was sentenced to three years and ten months in prison: Ohio man sentenced for writing racial hate letters.

Tuason, who is of Filipino descent, pleaded guilty in May to six counts of mailing threatening communications and two counts of threatening interstate communications. He said he sent the threatening letters because a black man "stole" the girlfriend he planned to marry. Well, that's fantastic.

According to prosecutors, Tuason sent more than 200 hateful letters or e-mails, many to black or mixed-race men—including Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. He also sent threatening communications to high school, college and professional athletes, coaches, celebrities, musicians, news anchors, hospitals, police departments and lawyers.

Let me get this straight. If this guy's been sending threatening letters for twenty years... does that mean that some dude "stole" his girlfriend twenty years ago, and he's still mad about that? And thus blaming guys like Derek Jeter? Goodness. Get over it, man.

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