may the best dance crew win

It's all going down tonight, the live season two finale of America's Best Dance Crew. Who did America crown the winner? Check out this video interview my pal Chrissy did for Yahoo! TV, talking to the final two crews—Super Cr3w and SoReal Cru—about their experience on the show (and why you should vote for them): Super Cr3w & SoReal Cru Dish On Their 'ABDC' Experience & Rally For Your Votes. Here's video of the championship showdown between the two crews:

SoReal Cru

Super Cr3w

As I've said before, I'll completely happy if either team takes it home tonight. I think Super Cr3w is the obvious, strong favorite to win. They've been nothing short of amazing every week. That said, you definitely won't see me complaining if SoReal wins. Both teams have heavy Asian American representation. Either way, it'll be pretty awesome to see.

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