more videos from the dnc

Lots of action at the Democratic National Convention. From what I've heard, our intrepid correspondents have had a busy couple of days, but they've experienced some very cool stuff, and met some very cool people. We should have an update very soon. In the meantime, here are some noteworthy videos from the DNCC Video Experience website.

Remarks - Tammy Duckworth: Director of the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs; Helicopter pilot and wounded Iraq war veteran. When she self-identifies as an Asian American, you can hear some members of the crowd give a whoo! Represent.

Veterans Video: Steven Spielberg's short film dedication to U.S. armed forces veterans, narrated by Tom Hanks. One of veterans prominently profiled in the video is Iraq War veteran Baldwin Yen, who served the U.S. Army, 1998-2006. It's rather powerful.

John Chiang: The Honorable John Chiang, State Controller, California. This is the guy who's been battling Arnold Schwarzenegger over funding the state budget. Yes, John Chiang stood up to the Terminator.

Mike Honda: The Honorable Mike Honda, Member of the US House of Representatives, California and DNC Vice Chair. I posted the transcript of this speech earlier today. Silicon Valley, represent!

Benediction - Revs. Jin Ho Kang, Youngsook Kang: Methodist pastors Jin Ho Kang and Youngsook Kang from Aurora, Colorado, giving the benediction to close Tuesday's convention proceedings. I actually thought this was particularly cool.

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