save koream journal

Calling all Korean Americans (and then some). I recently heard from some of my friends at KoreAm Journal, who tell me the magazine has been going through some tough times, with advertising revenue way down. Sign of the times. Like many print publications of its kind, KoreAm isn't immune to the pressures and declines facing the industry.

I first started reading KoreAm years ago when a friend got me a gift subscription for my birthday. I can't say I've always been a fan, and sometimes the content is less than consistent. But more often than not, they nail it on the head, and it's become an important voice and resource for the Korean American community. Hey, they've been around for eighteen years. They've got to be doing something right.

And they're not going out without a fight. Determined to keep things going, they've launched a three-month Save KoreAm Journal campaign. They're hoping supporters will purchase subscriptions or gift subscriptions, or make a contribution to help the magazine. Read the Open Letter that appears in the August issue, asking for your help.

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