spain's basketball team gives us the chink-eye

"Irresponsible" would be one way to put it... but to me, it just looks racist. Oh look, Spain's basketball team is headed to Beijing for the Olympics. What better way to mark the occasion than posing for a photo with the entire team making an offensive racist gesture? We honor you, China, with our chinky eyes.

Spain's Basketball Federation has published a good luck advertisement featuring the men's team pulling at the sides of their eyes: Spain basketball team pictured in controversial pose. You know, the international gesture for ching chong. Yes. We know it well. That's racist!

Talk about disrespecting the host nation. Not to mention just plain juvenile racist mockery. So much for bringing people together in the name of international peace and respect. It's like grade school all over again. Someone, please teach these arrogant fools a lesson.

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