sung kang in fast and furious prequel

As you might know, Justin Lin is directing Fast and Furious (yes, minus "the" and "the"), the fourth movie in Universal's blockbuster car-centric franchise, set for release next summer. In addition to Justin back in the director's chair, the movie marks the return of stars Vin Diesel and Paul Walker back to franchise.

While I'm not exactly expecting the Fast and Furious to be a life-changing viewing experience, I'm looking forward to seeing how Justin and Co. manage to weave the series' various characters into a cohesive story (I use that word "story" loosely). Dominic Toretto, Brian O'Connor... and Han?!

You'll recall that Tokyo Drift's plot sort of sidestepped the first two, introducing an entirely different storyline and characters. That's cool, because we got to see Sung Kang as Han—easily the coolest dude in the movie. But now we've got the fourth one coming up, and Han is apparently back. I'm presuming the movie's a prequel, because (SPOILER!) Han died in a fiery crash in Tokyo Drift. Whatever the case, I like it.

I bring this all up because I just came across this little item: Vin Diesel Directing Fast and Furious Prequel. Vin Diesel will reportedly be directing a 20-minute prequel to Fast and Furious, starring himself, Michelle Rodriguez and Sung Kang. No word on how exactly the prequel will be made available, whether on DVD, online, TV or whatever. But there you have it. Expect to see that much more of Sung Kang as Han, I guess.

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