vigilante ninjas arrested

I found this news rather amusing. Someone has been watching too many Sho Kosugi movies. Last week in Clifton, New Jersey, police busted a couple of "ninja warriors" hell bent on delivering justice to evildoers... ninja style: N.J. Cops Collar 'Shinobi Warrior' Drug Vigilantes.

Looks like 19-year-old Jesse Trojaniak and and buddy 20-year-old Tadeusz Tertkiewicz have had a bit of an unhealthy fascination ninjas. Police said they found the two in a car dressed in "black ninja garb and SWAT-type vests, armed with an assortment of knives, swords, nunchuks... and a cross bow."

They were apparently on their way to delivering warning letters to drug dealers and drug users urging them to stop their "impure" activities. Those who persisted would be stopped with "justified yet, merciful force" at the hands of two modern day "Shinobi warriors."

The cops, however, are not cool with the ninja vigilante action. Both men now face possession of weapons charges, and possibly 18 months in jail. No doubt, Clifton's drug dealing community is breathing a little easier. More here: Ninjas Arrested In New Jersey.

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