chef arrested for throwing hot oil on customers

Last week in Brooklyn, a Chinese resaturant chef was arrested for dousing two women with scalding cooking oil after they complained about bad take-out food: B'KLYN CHEF BURNED THE DINERS: COPS.

It all started when two women, Sylvia Grice and Dorranne Leggett, stormed into the restaurant to confront the chef, 28-year old Luien Jhing, and apparently threw their uneaten dinners at him. According to police, chef Jhing hurled a pot of hot oil, burning Grice's back and Leggett's shoulder. Jhing was charged with assault, menacing, harassment and criminal possession of a weapon—the oil.

Now, I'm not defending what this guy did. It's not cool. Throwing a pot of hot oil at someone is a special kind of madness. But what the hell compelled these two women to throw their food at this guy? That's just plain demeaning and disrespectful. There's better ways of handling a crappy plate of take-out.

And let's face it, these women can't be too bright if they're throwing stuff at a guy standing in a hot kitchen, in front of a pot of hot oil, and probably surrounding by a dozen sharp, greasy kitchen utensils.

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