delivery man shot in the head, but likely to survive

Another Chinese food deliveryman shot in New York. 31-year-old Fengwang Chen was shot in the head by robbers while delivering a $22 order in Williamsbridge on Saturday night. Thankfully, it looks like he's going to survive: Bronx deliveryman shot in head, but likely to survive.

The robbers didn't even get any money from the attack. They apparently fought him for the food—an order of pork fried rice, chicken wings and french fries. The police found Chen, bleeding from the head, with $280 in his pocket.

When his attackers fled, Chen managed to call his boss at the New China Garden restaurant for help. The bullet entered behind his ear and lodged in his jaw, but sources said he would likely survive. That's crazy! More here: Chinese Food Delivery Man Shot in Head; Police Search for Suspects.

Meanwhile, lawmakers are demanding justice: Police looking for thugs in Bronx food deliveryman shooting. To some, this is going to be just another attack on a Chinese delivery guy. But that's exactly what these robbers where thinking too. Just another victim, an object, an other.

I'm with Councilman John Liu: "The entire community needs to come up, stand up and call for action." Stand up and bring these cowards to justice. Or the next time this happens, and a deliveryman gets shot, he won't quite be so lucky. And unfortunately—make no mistake—this will happen again.

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