the double eyelid dilemma

Ah yes, another article on double eyelid surgery, this time in the OC Register: Asian eyelid surgery still sparks controversy. About every year or so, we get an article updating us on the double eyelid situation. It's out there, and lots people are getting it done. Some people are cool with it, and some people aren't.

If you haven't noticed, many of us Asians do not possess that very special fold in our eyelids, giving the distinct appearance of smaller eyes. However, blepharoplasty—eyelid surgery—can magically change all that. With a few snips, the procedure creates an upper eyelid crease for Asians folks' eyes to appear wider. Because, you know, bigger eyes are more beautiful. Or so they say.

It's an insanely popular procedure, particularly among Koreans. For the last fifty years, Asian eyelid surgery has been one of the highest performed plastic surgeries for Asian women residing in Asia and America. In many communities, getting your eyelids done is as commonplace as getting your ears pierced.

So, I guess the question is, why? Why get your eyelids done? Is it just another way for someone to enhance their beauty? Or is their something a little more insidious at work here—a damaging attempt to reject one's own Asian features?

Now, I'm a firm believer of letting people make these choices about their bodies. If something like the eyelid surgery makes you feel good about yourself, so be it. Crazier things have been done in the name of beauty. But first, you must ask yourself, where does your standard of beauty come from? Who defines what is beautiful? Are we truly supposed to believe that the eyes of half the world's Asian population are inherently unattractive because of a small layer of unfolded skin?

If you ask me, we've adopted a very specific standard of beauty... and that standard is white. From double eyelids to skin whiteners, someone is telling us that our natural Asian features aren't beautiful. That's a load of crap. My Asians sisters, you may think double eyelid surgery is the way. Know that there's one guy here who thinks single eyelids ladies are just as awesome and beautiful and blessed.

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