id film festival, september 25-28

For those of you in Los Angeles, don't miss the opportunity to catch a very special film festival this week... The ID Film Festival, dedicated to contemporary digital films that explore and celebrate identity crisis in our diverse Asian/Pacific Islander community. Thus September 25-28 at the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo.

Things kick off this Thursday with the Opening Night screening of M. Frank's Ra Choi, a docudrama that tells the story of four Asian street kids trying to make a life for themselves in Sydney's Little Saigon. Watch a brief trailer for the film here. And here's a breakdown of the rest of the festival
Sept. 25: Opening night: The LA premier of Ra Choi -- a narrative feature
film about Vietnamese Australian streets kids.

Sept. 26: Conflicting Passions: A series of short documentaries that present
the conflicting identities within the pan Asian/Pacific Islander community.

Sept. 27: Gone Shopping: A satirical Singaporean feature film about the
unique world of Singaporean shopping malls.

Sept. 28: Non/Fiction: Brings together four shorts that tread the boundary
of fiction and non fiction.
The festival is free for Japanese American National Museum members; $5 for non-members for each film. All screenings will be at the Democracy Forum in the National Center for the Preservation of Democracy (directly across the Japanese American National Museum's courtyard). For more information about the ID Film Festival, go here.

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