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Founded by a group of passionate volunteers from San Francisco, Ohana Obama is a movement dedicated to empowering young voters to convince their family and loved ones to vote for Barack Obama. By speaking to your family and friends about supporting Barack Obama, you can actually multiply your vote this November.

It's no secret that young Americans are some of Obama's most dedicated supporters, and minority voters comprise a significant, vocal segment of this movement. Yet too many minority families—especially parents and relatives who immigrated to this country—are not involved in the democratic process or registered to vote. For a variety of reasons traditional voter outreach, like canvassing and phone-banking, often fails to reach these communities.

That's where you come in. Ohana Obama believes that you are the key to engaging your family and friends in the future of the United States. Even if you've never discussed politics at home before, it doesn't hurt to share your story. Your parents and other relatives will be more receptive to you than anyone else.

Take the Ohana Obama challenge. The site provides video testimonials and other online tools and resources to form a community powered by the stories of young people getting involved. View videos and stories from all over the community here, and join the family.

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