new stuff at caachi

I believe I've mentioned Caachi here a few times before. It's a web-based film download service featuring some of the best independent films you've never seen, including a number of really interesting works by Asian American filmmakers. It's stuff you're not going to find in the DVD aisle at Wal-Mart.

Basically, Caachi enables independent filmmakers to distribute their films to a supportive audience over the internet, and you, the supportive viewer, get to watch it over the internet (for free or for a small fee). Take that, iTunes!

I recently heard from Tom, one of the guys behind Caachi, who informs me that they recently got a handful of new and noteworthy Asian and Asian American films in their collection. Like the boy band mockumentary The Heavenly Kings starring Daniel Wu; Philip Kan Gotanda's Life Tastes Good, The Kiss, and Drinking Tea, and Socheata Poeuv's award-winning documentary New Year Baby. Lots of good stuff there, so check it out.

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