profile on fanny pak's cara horibe

Since I started writing (obsessively, I know) about America's Best Dance Crew, this season, there's been one individual who folks have been consistently inquiring about. Fanny Pak's Cara Horibe. What ethnicity is she? Where's she from? Does she have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Seriously. Like I know.

Originally from Hawaii, 24-year-old Horibe is Japanese, Korean and Portuguese. She moved to Los Angeles in October 2006 to pursue dance as a career, but quickly found out that it wasn't an easy road to take. She apparently almost came to the point of giving up on dance and taking on a new career in cutting hair.

Luckily, her big break came when she hooked up with friends to form Fanny Pak and try out for Dance Crew. How do I know all this? I read all about her here: Dancing Queen. Everything you want to know about Cara Horibe. Now stop asking me.

According to the article, while waiting for the final casting of America's Best Dance Crew, she was hired to play a "funky cheerleader" in Disney's High School Musical 3. So I guess you might be seeing her on the big screen sometime soon. Or you can catch her in person with Fanny Pak on the Dance Crew Live tour.

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