racist shirts from david and goliath

More idiotic, racist t-shirt designs from David and Goliath. Available here and here. Spotted recently at the David and Goliath store at the Venetian in Las Vegas. (Thanks, Matt.)

Longtime readers know that this isn't the first time this company has appeared on this site with such designs. They're just two of many, from a company that specializes in making, stupid crude frat-boy shirts to offend everyone. It's their game, and they're unabashedly proud of it. That should be obvious from a company that proudly proclaims: "WE MAKE STUPID STUFF SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO."

I'd encourage writing in to complain, but let's not kid ourselves—David and Goliath is not going to give a damn. But if I'm out and see you wearing one of these shirts, I apologize in advance if I "accidentally" spill my drink on you. And then "accidentally" kick you in the nuts.

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