scientist accused of selling secrets to china

Quan-Sheng Shu, an internationally recognized scientist based at the Jefferson Laboratory in Newport News, Virginia, has been arrested and charged with violating federal arms controls by illegally exporting launch data to help China's space program: NN physicist charged with selling information to China.

Shu, a naturalized U.S. citizen who was born in Shanghai, is accused of selling technology to China, using a French company as an intermediary, for the development of hydrogen-propelled rockets. China apparently paid him more than $250,000.

Selling defense and space technology to China or other prohibited countries without a license is a violation of the federal Arms Export Control Act. Shu was arrested Wednesday morning and made an initial appearance that afternoon in U.S. District Court.

Ack. Another sneaky scientist selling secrets. To China. This is the kind of story that anti-China pundits just love to eat up. Dammit, keep those secrets to yourself! More here: Local Physicist Charged In Illegal Export Of Space Launch Data To China.

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