Sheena on America's Next Top Model, Cycle Eleven

Meet the latest Asian American contestant on Tyra Banks' model competition.

The 11th season of America's Next Top Model premieres tonight on the CW. While there are very few redeeming qualities about this program, I mention it here because one of this season's contestants is Asian American (we seem to get one every three seasons or so).

According to the Top Model website, Sheena, 21, is a "Hostess/Go-Go Dancer" from Honolulu, Hawaii currently residing in Harlem, New York. Here's her model interview, where she reveals a little bit about her personality, her attitude, and where's she coming from.

I got a bit of an early look at the season premiere, and was actually kind of impressed with Sheena. Granted, an America's Next Top Model contestant doesn't have to do much to impress me. Just don't act like a fool.

I only watched about half the episode, but from what little I saw of Sheena, she came off as a girl with some big-time sass and confidence in herself... something previous Asian American contestants of this show have seriously lacked. Must I remind you of Gina, the identity crisis train wreck from Cycle 6? Seriously embarrassing.

Sheena, I don't ask for much. Please, just don't make a fool of yourself. Good luck.

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