Suspect sought in cricket tournament shooting

Investigators are still looking for Amandeep Singh Dhami.

Last week in Sacramento, sheriff's deputies arrested 24-year-old Gurpreet Singh Gosal in connection with a shooting outside a Sikh temple complex that left one man dead and another wounded.

Man Arrested, Another Sought in Fatal Sikh Temple Shooting.

According to investigators, the shooting followed an ongoing argument between the victims, Singh Gosal and a second man. The suspect and the second man opened fire on Pamma Singh and a 38-year-old man as they watched a tournament at the Sacramento Sikh Society Sports Complex. Pamma Singh died at the scene.

Here's the part I like. Witnesses said that spectators and athletes near the shooting—armed with cricket bats and field hockey sticks—were able to rush and grab one of the gunmen and beat him into submission before deputies arrived. That's citizen justice.

Investigators are still looking for Amandeep Singh Dhami, 24, of Elk Grove. He is described as East Indian male, 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing 200 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. Deputies have arrested four of Dhami's relatives for allegedly aiding and abetting his escape.

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