tim kawakami vs. the oakland raiders

I've been hearing about this weird-ass incident that recently occurred between San Jose Mercury News sportswriter Tim Kawakami and Oakland Raiders senior executive John Herrera: At Lane Kiffin Press Conference, Raiders Executive, Reporter Nearly Come to Blows.

At a press conference last week, Herrera came really really close to kicking Kawakami's ass, because he was mad about... something. There's a bunch of drama involving owner Al Davis allegedly wanting to fire someone, and a column distributed to reporters, and a bunch of stuff I simply don't care about. The Raiders might suck, but their front-office drama makes things even worse, and this is a prime example.

Watch the now-infamous video of the confrontation here: Why Raiders Bouncer John Herrera Was This Close to Losing It on Writer Tim Kawakami.

You've got to hand it to Kawakami for keeping his cool. When Herrera threatens to hit him, he comes back with, "I would love to own a part of this franchise." Are you sure about that, Tim?

Here's Kawakami's own take on what went down at the press conference: The Raiders' John Herrera vs. me in front of the cameras today: Well, THAT was fun. And here's a good interview with Kawakami on all this craziness: 'It's Just Al In The Darkness Now.' Tim Kawakami Discusses His Run-In At Raiders Headquarters.

Turns out, this actually isn't Kawakami's first bizarre run-in with Al Davis' franchise of insanity: Tim Kawakami's Encounter With John Herrera May Not Be His Most Ridiculous Raiders Story. Go Raiders.

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