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Hey! Asians in the movies. Or at least, spotted in a handful of recent trailers. Looks like my man Raymond J. Lee has a bit role in Ghost Town as a Greenpeace guy trying to get Ricky Gervais to help stop global warming. The movie opens in theaters tomorrow.

Sandra Oh plays the Minister of Health in Blindness, which imagines what happens when a plague of blindness devastates the population. It looks kind of creepy and awesome. It's in theaters next week.

Rising star Aaron Yoo, last seen in 21 and Disturbia, doing the rock and roll dude thing in Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. You're actually going to see a lot of this guy in the coming year...

But wait! John Cho also makes a brief appearance in the Nick & Norah trailer, in what appears to be an uncredited role. You gotta love that crazy look in his eyes. The movie opens everywhere on October 3.

Hey, that's poet Beau Sia in the trailer for Rachel Getting Married. His character, according to director Jonathan Demme, was a last-minute unscripted addition, as a kind of a "wedding czar emcee guy." Interesting. The movie opens in limited release on October 3.

The crazy beautiful Moon Bloodgood opposite Robert De Niro in the trailer for What Just Happened?, in select theaters on October 17. Definitely playing the seductress/vixen role. After starring in two promising TV shows that went nowhere, you'll see a lot of her soon in the upcoming Street Fighter and Terminator movies. More Moon!

Teen sensation Vanessa Hudgens in Walt Disney's High School Musical 3: Senior Year, which they say is an immensely popular series amongst the kids. The movie's in theaters on October 24. I predict this movie will make a gajillion dollars.

Funny man Ken Jeong, who we've seen popping up in quite a few comedies lately, is in Role Models. And he's rockin' a serious LARP vibe as "King Argotron." See him rule when the movie opens on November 7.

Blink and you might miss him, but that's Kelvin Yu back there in the biopic Milk, about slain politician/activist Harvey Milk, the first openly gay elected official in America. Kelvin plays Michael Wong, one of Milk's close supporters and political advisors. This is the nerdy role I mentioned earlier this year, which later got upgraded to "ultimate dork.". The movie opens in limited release on November 26, then expands on December 5.

This one makes me laugh. Marvel Comics character the Punisher returns in Punisher: War Zone. (Did the first one really warrant a sequel?) I could help but notice this big crew of Asian gangsters popping up in the trailer. Looks like they had a really big casting call for badass Asian thug types. See them scowl on December 5.

Oscar-nominated actress Rinko Kikuchi, last seen around here as the deaf-mute girl in Babel, has a fairly large role in The Brothers Bloom. I've actually seen this movie. While her character is pretty amusing, once again, she unfortunately barely says a word in the entire movie. See it in limited release on December 19.

Vivian Bang pops up and the very end of the trailer for Yes Man, giggling at Jim Carrey's ridiculous, mangled attempt to speak Korean. The movie opens in theaters everywhere on December 19.

Looks like Leonardo Nam is one of the guys in He's Just Not That Into You, based on the popular book. Leo's another one of those guys we've been seeing a lot of lately. Saw this trailer in front of the Sex and the City movie, and the audience ate it up. The movie's out next year, on February 9.

And finally, there's this shot in the trailer for Watchmen, the long-awaited movie adaptation of the acclaimed graphic novel. That's Dr. Manhattan in the process of obliterating a Southeast Asian soldier dude. I wonder who that actor is. That's got to be funny thing to put on your resume. I got blown up by Dr. Manhattan! Anyway, the movie's in theaters next year from Warner Brothers, on March 6, if legal issues with Fox don't hold it up.

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