barack's blueprint

This week, Senator Barack Obama released his Blueprint for the Change We Need for Asian Americans & Pacific Islander. The document identifies issues affecting the AAPI community and describes Senator Obama's plans to address the issues, as well as his record on addressing those issues. It's apparently the most comprehensive planning document for the AAPI community from a presidential campaign. Ever. From Barack's Blueprint:
"By reaching out directly to the AAPI communities, we can ensure that AAPIs are well represented in this national conversation about our future and the movement to write our destiny. The story of the AAPI communities is quintessential the American story about drawing strength from our diversity to achieve extraordinary things. I will be a president who remembers that our separate struggles are really one. I will never walk away from the tough battles or the difficult work of bringing people together."
According to the press release, the Blueprint addresses a wide range of issues, including economic opportunity, education, immigration, health care, home ownership, seniors, women, civil rights, foreign policy, veterans and faith. That's cool, though honestly, I really wish this had been released months ago, rather than less than a month before the election. But I'll take it.

You can download and take a look at the Blueprint here. I haven't had the chance to read it through yet—if you print it out, it's over fifty pages long. But I like that Obama's campaign believed this was an important thing to do. I also kind of dig that it's called the "Blueprint," like it's a Jay-Z album or something.

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