caroline suh's frontrunners coming to theaters

The New York Times has a story on director Caroline Suh's documentary Frontrunners, looking at the heated 2006 race for student union president at New York's famously competitive Stuyvesant High School: Practicing Politics Just Like the Big Boys (and Girls).

It may just high school, but the issues in Frontrunners sound particularly relevant during this important election year. Candidates in the film apparently choose their running mates to round out their demographic profile... which means, at Stuyvesant, that one of the two candidates on a given ticket had better be Asian, or at least in with that crowd. Fascinating.

The film opens on October 15 at the New York Film Forum, and expands to other cities later this month. I've been dying to see this movie since hearing about its premiere earlier this year at South by Southwest. To learn more about the film, visit website here.

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