ed jew is going to jail

See ya, Ed Jew. The embattled former San Francisco supervisor who resigned from office in January after state and federal prosecutors accused him of corruption, pleaded guilty to federal charges on Friday: Former S.F. supervisor pleads guilty to federal extortion, bribery, plans to accuse others.

Jew admitted to mail fraud, extortion and soliciting a bribe in connection with a scheme to shake down Chinese immigrant owners of tapioca drink shops in the Sunset District for $84,000 in bribes. That's right. The Boba Shop Shake Down. Now, he could spend decades in federal prison.

A grand jury indicted him 11 months ago, alleging that Jew extorted money from the Quickly tapioca drink chain. After a planning official told Jew that the chain's stores appeared to be violating a permit ordinance, Jew told the store operators he would help them stay in business in exchange for cash payments of $10,000 for each of the eight businesses.

Corruption sucks, Ed. And prison sucks even more.

He also still faces state charges alleging that he lied about where he lived to vote and run for office in San Francisco. Prosecutors say Jew lived in Burlingame while he campaigned for and represented District Four in the Sunset. A state court hearing is scheduled later this month.

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