minnesota gop says ashwin madia is "not like us"

Saw this on Daily Kos... Ashwin Madia, considered by many to be a rising star in the Democratic Party, is an Indian American candidate running for U.S. Congress in Minnesota. However, there are those in the Minnesota GOP who are trying to convince voters that Madia is not "one of them," whatever that means.

Here's some video of GOP members describing "holes" in Ashwin Madia's resume — most notably that "from a demographic standpoint," he's "not like us." Unlike Madia's (white) opponent Erik Paulsen, who apparently fits the "one of us" profile quite well.

From the video, it's obvious what these officials know exactly what ideas they're trying to get across, despite denying and dancing around the obvious xenophobic undertones of what they're saying. That's racist! More on this over at Sepia Mutiny: Minnesota Republicans on Ashwin Madia: "Not one of us."

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