redress remembered at janm

For those of you in Los Angeles, check out this interesting event happening this weekend at the Japanese American National Museum. JANM presents a public program on Japanese Latin Americans who were kidnapped from Peru and held by the United States in Texas during World War II. Here are the event details:
Redress Remembered: WWII Rendition of Japanese Latin Americans

*Saturday, October 25, 2008
2-4pm followed by a light reception*

During WWII, over 2200 men, women, and children of Japanese ancestry
were kidnapped from 13 Latin American countries and interned in
Department of Justice camps and Army facilities in the U.S. for the
purpose of hostage exchange. Learn more about what they endured during
WWII, their ongoing redress struggle to hold the U.S. government
accountable for war crimes, and lessons for present day challenges.

*FREE! RSVP required to 213.625.0414 ext. 2222, or rsvp@janm.org
(subject: JLA Redress).*

Japanese American National Museum
369 East First Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

For more info: http://www.discovernikkei.org/forum/en/node/2798

A short overview of the Japanese Latin American story:
We all know about the Japanese American internment. But not too many are aware of what happened to Japanese Latin Americans during World War II... and what happened to them was ridiculous. Learn more at the event this Saturday in Little Tokyo. (There will be free food provided by local Peruvian restaurants!) For more information, follow the link here.

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