some videos for obama

Here's a cool video from the Obama campaign about young supporters who are trying to get their families to vote for Barack Obama: The Talk. Gary Lee, who I know from a couple of years back, and Kinjal Mehta are among folks sharing their stories in the piece. Such youthful passion! I am proud to say that my siblings and I have also managed to turn our entire household into a pro-Obama family. Yes, Mom and Dad are down with Barack.

This excellent video by Adele Phan looks at the important pan-Asian vote in Virginia: Fresh Look at the Asian Vote in Falls Church, VA. Did you know that Asian Americans are the fastest growing college-going population? And yet Asian Americans aged 18 to 24 were the least likely to vote in the 2004 election. The least likely! Young Asian Americans are good at a lot of things... but so far, respresenting at the polls hasn't been one of them. Let's change that.

And, um... this has nothing to do the Obama campaign, but here's Bobby Lee lampooning John McCain again on MADtv: Bobby Lee Plays McCain Again on MADtv. It's kind of an awful impression—he's not even close. But it's still pretty hilarious.

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