how to spend $150,000

We recently learned that the Republican National Committee spent a ridiculous $150,000 on clothes for Sarah Palin. Whoa. That's a six-figure budget—from public campaign money—to clothe and accessorize the Republican vice presidential nominee and her family. But hey, whatever. The woman's got to look good, even if it costs the RNC the price of a Porsche. Just don't tell that to her pal Joe Sixpack as the bank forecloses on his house.

By the way, how much is that red leather jacket she's been recently rocking? That's straight-up Michael Jackson Thriller-era, and I love it.

Honestly though, how much clothing and accessories does $150,000 actually get you? What does it take to be a fashionable vice presidential candidate? To find out, Slate writer Nina Shen Rastogi (who happens to be an old friend from my high school days), took a virtual shopping trip to Saks Fifth Avenue to put together a $150,000 Palin-esque fantasy wardrobe: My Saks Shopping Spree.

Nina's shopping trip got her featured last week on NPR's Day to Day: Who Requested Sarah Palin's $150,000 Makeover? The verdict? $150,000 buys you a lot of nice shit, but it's apparently much harder to spend than you think. That money buys you a lot of blazers. Of course, I doubt it was Governor Palin doing any of the actual shopping. At least, I really hope it wasn't...

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