who's got the power?

Asian Americans, are you feeling the power? Are you feeling it?! According to this Washington Post article, Asian Americans voters in Virginia, highly organized and registered in record numbers, see themselves poised to play a pivotal role in the outcome of the presidential race in this highly contested state: Asian Americans Feeling the Power.

According to leaders of the large, affluent communities of Korean Americans, Vietnamese Americans and Indian Americans in Northern Virginia, sentiment among those groups favors Barack Obama, although John McCain enjoys a core of loyal support among older Asian refugees who suffered at the hands of communist regimes.

Remember, these are the voters who played a huge role in the 2006 Senate race in Virginia, helping Democrat Jim Webb edge out and defeat incumbent George "Macaca" Allen... and effectively shifting the balance of power in Congress. It seems they could do it again. Anyway, read the article. It's pretty interesting.

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