your vote, your voice

This weekend I've been chillin' at the San Diego Asian Film Festival. Good times, but more on that later. I wanted to highlight this video, My Vote My Voice by Henry Ahn, which was selected as the winner of SDAFF's Reel in the Vote 2008 competition. As the winner, this spot is screening before every film program during the festival.

Speaking of voting, here's a video by Annabel Park and Eric Byler, featuring Annabel's mom talking about why, after voting Republican in the last two elections, she's now a supporter and volunteer for Barack Obama. Maybe some of you Korean Americans out there can relate to this, and can share this video with your first generation parents and grandparents. Annabel's mom should buy and wear this shirt.

And on sort of a related note, here's a New York Times story on Chinatown's Lin Sing Association, a 108-year-old fraternal club that has transformed in recent years into a political powerhouse for the community: Rocking the Vote Amid the Shrimp Dumplings.

This is largely due to the work of the association's leader, Eddie Chiu. Because of his significant success in encouraging political participation, a growing number of mainstream candidates have visited Mr. Chiu in the hope of gaining his support and, by extension, Chinatown's.

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