see mozart's biatch on mtv this saturday

Who says classical musicians can't rock? Film composer George Shaw—a reader of this website and a generally nice guy—always wondered what it would be like to rock out on stage in a rock band. He had the chance to find out. On MTV, no less, with some of his Rock Bandin' friends.

This Saturday, November 15, you can watch George's brief moment of rock stardom when he and his band Mozart's Biatch, perform onstage in MTV's Rock Band Battle. The hour-long show airs at 1:00pm and again at 10:00pm. Fact: They originally wanted to be called Mozart's Bitch, but the suits at MTV felt that "Biatch" would be more TV-friendly.

You can check some their music on the Mozart's Biatch MySpace page. You can also learn more about George's music on his website. He recently released Legendary Warriors, an album of music inspired by his love of martial arts cinema. It's sort of supposed to be the score to an imaginary kung fu movie. So you know I'm diggin' it.

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