"an exotic evening inspired by the orient"

If you're in Los Angeles, here's something not to do this weekend: Opium Den. This is an actual Asian-themed party happening this Friday, April 3. "An Exotic Evening Inspired By The Orient," according to the promo materials. Wow, and I thought offensive racist theme parties were just for obnoxious fraternities. Can't let the college kids have all the fun. According to the event details:
Indulge Your Sense At The Opium Den, An Exotic Evening Inspired By The Orient...

Leave your cares behind and be transported to a mystical world of decadence and artistry.

Let Geishas pamper you and enjoy the delectable fusion tasting menu and delicious Cavalli cocktails.

Watch dazzling performances by samurai warriors, burlesque dancers and Cirque du Soleil acrobats. Relax in the hookah lounge.
I wonder how many actual Orientals were involved in the planning of this Exotic Evening Inspired By The Orient. What a fantastic opportunity to get your ignorant Asian fetish on for a night. Proceeds from the event are supposedly going to an organization called MENTA, though I can't find any further information on this entity. This exotic evening is brought to you by Fabulous Events. (Thanks, Chris.)

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