tae hong choi, tae kwon do grandmaster, dies at 73

This is an obituary in The Oregonian that ran a few weeks back about the passing of internationally heralded tae kwon do instructor Tae Hong Choi, who died March 8 in Portland. He was 73: Portland-area tae kwon do grandmaster pioneered sport in U.S. Tae Hong Choi, who established schools and taught thousands of students, dies at 73.

Choi, a grandmaster in tae kwon do, held a ninth-degree black belt, won numerous martial arts titles and opened multiple schools in the Oregon area, teaching thousands of students during the course of his career. He also helped establish tae kwon do nationally, serving in the sport's governing body in the United States. More on his career here: Grandmaster Tae Hong Choi Passes Away.

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