what is secret identities?

All right. This is the very very last video for Secret Identities, the Asian American superhero comic book anthology. This one's a 10-minute documentary about what the project is all about, and how it all came together, with interviews from the editors and a comprehensive overview of the book's contents and contributors: "What is SECRET IDENTITIES?"

The book is in stores this week! Tuesday, April 14. Look for it in bookstores and of course, Amazon.com. Can't find it in bookstores? They may be hiding it from you. Or they might have shelved in the wrong place. Or maybe they never planned to carry any copies of the book. What's up with that? Boo on them.

Co-editor Parry Shen has written a letter appealing to you, the Asian American community, asking for your support of Secret Identities, explaining what they're trying to do, and why this particularly book is an important piece of popular culture: SI Editor's Letter.To learn more about the book, head over to the Secret Identities website here.

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