30 under 30: far east movement

Kev Nish, Prohgress, J-Splif and DJ Virman
Ages: 27
Far*East Movement

Why they're influential: Because they're gettin' your ass on the dance floor. Already established icons in the Asian American hip hop scene, Far*East Movement -- or simply "FM" -- are now turning heads and bringing fresh music to the masses, with radio-friendly tracks like "You've Got a Frend," "Lowridin" and "Girls On The Dance Floor" off their sophomore album Animal.

Formed in 2003 by friends and emcees Kev Nish (Kevin Nishimura), Prohgress (James Roh), and J-Splif (Jae Choung), the group rapidly gained recognition in the Los Angeles underground for their energetic live shows and strong internet presence. I first saw these guys at a tiny record store show back in 2004, and instantly became a fan. These guys were stars.

Partnered with mastermind manager Carl Choi and Catch Music Group, FM has been working hard and making major moves, each step taking them to bigger and badder things. They were featured in the soundtrack for The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, have performed in shows around the world and are currently getting national major radio play.

Yes, America. You're invited to this Asian party. I can't get enough of "Girls On The Dance Floor." Sure, the song is ridiculous -- like the radio really needs another ditty about girls, drinks and dancing. But the track, powered by the Grammy-nominated Stereotypes, is utterly infectious. I dare you to resist the urge to bob your head to that kickass beat.

Did I also mention that they're just cool, fun guys? Through all their success thus far, they've held it down and represented, maintaining a strong connection to their fans and community. I consider them friends, and it's great to see where their talent (and a lot of hustle) has taken them. Who knows what moves they'll making next? Crank up the radio to find out.

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