hey loser, find your beautiful asian bride

Speaking of an Asian fetish... Is anyone else seriously angered by idiotic banner ads like this that frequently pop up in the rotation of Google's AdSense network? I'm guessing it's likely you've encountered something like in your blog travels.

Basically, Google uses its magical search technology to serve advertisements based on a website's content. Unfortunately, if you run a blog that has anything remotely to do with Asian content, you're going to get served crappy ads like "Looking for a beautiful Asian bride?" and "Asian Girls For Love & Marriage." You know what I'm talking about.

Is there any wonder why our community is constantly grappling with Asian fetish sex crimes and mail-order bride jokes? Don't tell me ads like this don't feed that impulse. At least they know their target demographic. Could they have found a more sorry-looking loser-ass guy to pose for this ad?

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