justice for fong lee

Three years ago, 19-year-old Fong Lee was shot and killed by a rookie Minneapolis police officer during a chase on an elementary school playground. The officer claimed that Lee had a gun, and shot him nine times -- three times in the back as ran away, then five more times in the chest as he lay on the ground. A grand jury cleared the officer of any criminal wrongdoing and the Police Department's internal investigation found he didn't violate any procedures.

However, earlier this year, Fong's family filed a lawsuit alleging that the gun found near his body was not actually in his possession, but planted by police on the scene. New evidence suggested that the gun in question had actually been in police possession, not Lee's, for nearly two years before the shooting.

Unfortunately, this week, a judge threw out most claims in the Lee family's lawsuit, dismissing all claims against the city of Minneapolis and one claim against Officer Jason Anderson: Judge Throws Out Most Claims In Fong Lee Lawsuit.

Community folks, friends and family of Fong Lee have been working hard to spread awareness and bring this case to light. They've planned a rally for Monday morning, standing in support of the family, and asking for an Independent Prosecutor to investigate this death. Here are details on the rally:
Rally for Justice
For the Family of Fong Lee

Monday, May 11, 2009
8:45 – 9:45 am
Warren E. Burger Federal Building & United States Courthouse

316 North Robert Street
100 Federal Building
St. Paul, MN 55101

On Monday, the family of Fong Lee will be meeting with Minneapolis City Council members to negotiate a settlement in the shooting of their son and brother. We will stand in support of the family, and ask for an Independent Prosecutor to investigate this death. We will also be demanding additional changes in policy in the City of Minneapolis to make it a safer place for people to live.

The Police Force should represent Protection for our communities, not Peril!

It's time to make things right!
Seriously, the police force should represent protection for our communities, not peril. If you're in the Minneapolis area this Monday, May 11, come out, stand with the family of Fong Lee and demand justice. For details, including parking/transportation information, go here: Rally for Justice for Fong Lee. (Thanks, Bao.)

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