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I recently heard from Karen, who has started a new blog project called PostMimi. The idea is for readers to anonymously submit secrets -- the good, the bad, the ugly -- in the form of art. I'm assuming the premise is based on the wildly popular PostSecret blog ("mimi" is the Chinese word for "secret"). The goal is to create a dialogue within the Asian American community about our joys, sorrows, triumphs, and frustrations. To submit:
Two ways to submit your Mimi's:

1. E-mail your lovely, thought-provoking, Asian-American creations to:


Postcards should be scanned and attached to the e-mail. All e-mails would be kept anonymous. or...

2. They can be mailed to:

PostMiMi Apt. 206
3215 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

All postcards will be kept anonymous.
For more information, visit the blog here. Looks like things are just getting started, so there isn't much there. But it's a pretty intriguing premise, and having seen some really amazing, heartbreaking and hilarious things on PostSecret, this has the potential to be a really brilliant blog. But I guess that depends on you.

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